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Explore the testimonials below to learn how businesses all over the world are leveraging DingConnect services and top-up API technology to grow and innovate.



"Ding makes it easy and fun for Snapchatters to support their friends and stay connected through social commerce, all without leaving Snapchat - where friends are already communicating with each other every day." Alston Cheek, Director of Platform Partnerships at Snapchat



"Joining forces with Ding has been key as we continue expanding our SuperApp. After a straight forward API integration, we are able to offer our customers the convenience of mobile top-up directly from our wallet..."



"Introducing airtime transfer with Ding was a logical one for us. In the first 12 months we saw a really good revenue lift with increased usage among our existing Wavecrest customer base..."



"A service like Ding API makes it much easier to acquire customers, the acquisition costs being much lower than other remittance products..."


payit, powered by First Abu Dhabi Bank

"Adding prepaid products, such as mobile airtime or data top-up in our app, allows us to add a digital solution which delivers a safe and secure remittance experience for our clients."



"The simple Top-up API integration has been key in our pursuit of becoming a super app. It allowed us to penetrate high growth markets, such as underserved customers, and open new revenue streams – delivering services that diaspora citizens, for example, value greatly."  Nitin Gupta, Director Business & Payments at PayBy



" Partnering with Ding helped us expand into new markets and generate further revenues, particularly in Latin America, South Asia and Africa, where there is high demand for airtime and vouchers. Also, the ability to buy daily products without having to cash out crypto on an exchange is a huge bonus for customers."


"We are excited to work with Ding to provide this instant and secure online payment service, allowing our users to reach out to their friends and family to ask for a top-up, or enabling them to send mobile recharges back home – this is a great gift to be able to give someone."


"At Quppy we are privileging the provision of a better customer experience. As we aim at building a SuperApp that gathers all the necessary financial services within one interface, we have integrated mobile phone top-ups, via Ding's simple API integration. This allows our customers to send mobile top-up to their relatives and friends all over the world in just two clicks."

MyCash Online

"Partnering with Ding has opened up a new opportunity to our customers as they can now stay connected to their loved ones around the world. This is a remarkable development from our end as well, as it allows us to continue offering new value to our users, differentiate from competitors and gain long-term loyalty."


"The easy API integration has allowed us to further engage with the evolving needs of our customers – providing them with easy and affordable access to digital entertainment. It’s a great match for us."


"Ding offers a reliable, instant international top-up service. The platform offers an extensive direct operator connection and real-time transactions. Their knowledge of the product and their customer insights really help us to drive revenues. The investment in marketing also helps us to drive product awareness and fundamentally build the business."

 Solution Gulf, OMA Emirates Group

"Partnering with Ding has helped us increase footfall in our shops. The average basket value also went up, as customers walk in to send a mobile recharge and end up buying other products while they’re in the shop.

This allows us to not only provide a great experience for customers, but also create additional revenue streams for the retailers. We are also leveraging Ding’s API and the team’s industry expertise as become more digital and develop a new digital wallet - so we can continue to deliver innovative solutions and reach new customers."


"With the rise in popularity of mobile gaming, adding airtime top-up to our wallet is a great add-on for our customers. This collaboration will help people everywhere buy international data top-ups for their friends and keep the game going."


"With DingConnect operating in over 150 countries and having more than 850 operators, they’re one of the best in the biz and we aim to expand that strength even further by giving its users access to our roster of over 350 payment methods. Now, users can take advantage of the ultimate payment flexibility to become their own boss, run their global business, and earn crypto." 


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