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Eight of nine countries surveyed say Climate Change is #1 concern


London, United Kingdom 10th November 2021 – Ding, the fastest way to send international mobile top-up, has launched the second Ding Global Prepaid Index (GPI), which looks at attitudes and views of consumers operating in the prepaid economy.

The findings revealed that Climate Change is the primary concern, ahead of the economy, recession, global politics, and cybercrime for respondents in eight of the nine countries surveyed, with only Nigeria citing economic prosperity as a more important global issue than the ravaging effects climate change is having on the planet.

Nigeria, Africa’s largest producer of oil, was an outlier in a survey of 6250 respondents from 9 regions including: Mexico; Germany; India; KSA; UAE; Brazil; Indonesia; and the Philippines.

Commenting on the findings Mark Roden, founder and Chief Executive noted: “The results of these findings represent hope for future generations and show a clear majority of people from across the world now view climate change as the single most important issue facing humanity.

He added: “While global politics, cybercrime, recession are still major concerns for those surveyed, Climate won out. Consensus like this – does offer more evidence that we are at a defining moment now for action as it is what people all around the world clearly want.”

The bi-annual global study into consumer confidence commissioned by Ding, the world’s largest mobile top-up service, examined the views of respondents from regions traditionally associated with high prepaid mobile use. The report explores global prepaid confidence trends in mobile consumption, behaviours and usage.

Global collective awareness

While 26% of Nigerian respondents ranked the economy as their number one global priority vs. 24% who believe climate change is the most pressing global issue, nearly half of all Mexican and Filipino respondents, 42% and 46% respectively, view climate change as their primary global concern.

The results paint a picture of consensus and collective awareness of the devastating impact a changing climate will have on the planet. Respondents from 8 out of the 9 territories involved in the survey ranked climate change as the most important issue facing humanity, sending a decisive message to world leaders for global action as talks enter their final week at COP26.

Only 13% of all respondents on average view the use of cyber-attacks on political elections as their number one global priority, compared to 18% of people who view next generation technologies making work forces redundant as the most important issue facing us all.


About the Ding Global Prepaid Index (GPI)

The Ding Global Prepaid Index (GPI) is a major bi-annual survey analysing the prepaid market. The second GPI shines a light on the growing appetite among people across the socio-economic divide for consumer goods or services in the Prepaid economy. The survey gathered insights from 6,250 respondents from across Europe, Asia, and the Americas regarding their use of prepaid offerings, examining their attitudes, activities and outlook for the future.